Interstellar Data tools

Next generation engagement concept designs for rocket manufacturing workflow management tools, data visualization systems, including crafting for other internal communications related software experiences.

Dinesh Jude Daewar – UX/UI Designer, Commissioned by SpaceX


Due to the confidential nature of the projects I am unable to display all the next generation concepts. Designs encompassed: defining user centric experience designs for custom enterprise tools handling massive data visualizations of rocket exteriors to their micro bolts - along with every single team member´s workflow integrated into this visualization process, including other company communication and social sharing experiences, to defining branding (waRP Drive Logo) and UI for these tools. Also as the sole UX/UI Designer of the company at that time, working with a talented development team and other stakeholders was an immense experience. My favorite part was getting some face time with Elon Musk!

  • Key Contributions & Implementations
  • Branding & tool design for rocket based workflow
  • Conceptual future phases for waRP Drive (tool designs)
  • ShareX - social & company communication platform
  • Employee dashboard, with integration of above tools
  • Task flow communication & management
  • Concepts for mission control interfaces, visualization,
  • Interfaces for video streaming
  • Processes & deliverables
  • User research, stakeholder interviews & analysis
  • Requirements, persona writing & process flows
  • Ideation for concept expansion & stakeholer interaction
  • Road-mapping feature list
  • Information architecture & UX design via wireframes
  • Rapid & multiple interactive prototypes for apps
  • Defining functional specs for development hand-off