Visualizing Games

One unique experience design direction was created in order to effectively visualize a multi-layered world with paced storytelling to encourage player engagement.

Dinesh Jude Daewar – UX/UI Design commissioned by SuperPlay Games


Superplay Games, founded by former Blizzard veterans, had a unique vision for this World of Warcraft Style MMORPG game for mobile. As a UX/ UI Design Consultant my role was to take their story, feature list and curate the interactions into an intuitively designed user experience - allowing the interactions to further expand on the story and offer more options for engagement between player combat interactions. Additionally the interactions were created in a manner that it would scale from mobile to desktop play as well.

UX Schematics

  • Key Contributions & Implementations
  • Player, team customization & configuration
  • Exploration of world & story chapters
  • Exploration of quests, heroes, items
  • Player communication between PvPs, NPCs
  • Combat mode, action queue, swapping
  • Leaderboards & tournaments
  • Social media integration
  • Integrated store, upgrades and customization
  • Global, local, player & level indicators
  • Processes & deliverables
  • User research & analysis
  • Requirements gathering & process flow visualization
  • Road-mapping feature list
  • Ideation & contributing to new features
  • Client interaction
  • Information architecture & scenario optimization
  • UX design including wireframes & documentation
  • Interaction design via prototype with scenarios
  • UI art direction & visual design