Appliance Engagement

Pushed the limits of touch-based product engagement UI with a unique strategy for connectivity and pitched a next generation HMI user experience design. Skywell, now available.

Dinesh Jude Daewar – Lead Experience Strategist & Designer, Commissioned by Rhythm


Skywell, a leading water dispenser using the environment to generate water via condensation wanted to create an HMI UX to interact with their product. Conceptualized and pitched schematics along with a motion based prototype to the Client. The presented prototype became the basis for the final product's next generation experience. The final set of UX schematic documentation was used for patenting purposes as well by the Client.

UX Schematics

  • Key Contributions & Implementations
  • Screensaver based attention grabber
  • Interaction promoting environmental awareness
  • Consumption indicators displaying environmental impact
  • User profile creation for water consumption
  • Added consumption tracking via smartphone connectivity
  • Water health leaderboard promoting social interaction
  • User management on appliance
  • Mobile App Companion Concepts
  • Dispenser settings, scheduling generation cycles & alerts
  • Processes & deliverables
  • User research & analysis
  • Strategies for product connectivity & digital ecoshpere
  • Ideation for concept expansion
  • Client interaction & pitching
  • Road-mapping feature list
  • Information architecture & initial copy for storytelling
  • UX design via wireframes & storyboarded scenarios
  • Interaction design via motion-based prototype
  • Defining functional specs for development hand-off