Social Broadcasts

Redefined social media engagement for digital products to elegantly manage tournaments. From R&D experience designs for social websites to bold event broadcasting apps.

Dinesh Jude Daewar – Lead Experience Strategist & Designer / UX Director, Commissioned by Rhythm/ Oomba

Description founder and creative director, Michael Williams, approached Rhythm to create an experience for his social media properties. From initial pitches for interaction concepts to multiple phases of the site´s capabilities, I was able to help visualize the social media site experience and other tournament creation and management related apps. After leaving Rhythm, with the blessing of its CEO, I was contracted to redefine this project from within Oomba as the Director of User Experience.

  • Key Contributions & Implementations
  • User communication & Interaction both online and offline
  • Social media site experience design & interaction rules
  • Profile creation & management
  • Event creation & browsing
  • Content management processes
  • Tournament creation & managing apps for iOS
  • Oomba TV, channels
  • Multiple feature - to be listed once launched
  • Processes & deliverables
  • User research & analysis
  • Requirements, persona writing & process flows
  • Ideation for concept expansion & client interaction
  • Road map for features across multiple phases
  • Information architecture
  • UX design via wireframes & storyboarded scenarios
  • Rapid & multiple interactive prototypes for apps
  • Defining functional specs for development hand-off